We are crazy and different

But our commitment to the family we have forged is strong. Whether it was video games, parkouring the streets of downtown Sarasota, or playing music, we’ve been doing it together for most of our lives. But coffee is our passion. After spending 15 years working in the coffee industry, we saw that it wasn’t just a product, but a catalyst for culture.

Our love for coffee, people and the pursuit of excellence runs as deep as our desire to make a difference in the world and our community. The opportunity to make an impact on someone’s day, on someone’s life, through the good we invest into every cup, is the driving force behind everything that we do. We believe in challenging the status quo and doing things differently. We believe the details matter. We believe in creating amazing tasting coffee, delivering unmatched service, and building community. Slinging coffee and liquidizing fruit is not our goal, it is a by product of intentionality, of a community sticking together and investing all they are into the common goal. It all starts over a cup!


Providing Coffee, Creating Culture

Amity: Comes from the relationship we share. Brothers: Because family is what you make it. Coffee: The avenue for our passions to focus around. Coffee is the center around so many good conversations and the world could use just a few more of those.

We pour our all into our coffee

Finding a high-quality roast is hard to come by. At Amity Brothers, we roast ethically sourced, specialty coffees with bold, unique flavors that you can’t help but share. We put our all into our coffee so you can pour your all into your life.