The Brothers Blend

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Whats Included:
- The Brothers Blend
- Amity Stickers
- Third Wave Water Packet
- Glass Stir Stick

About Blend

When we set about making Amity’s first signature blend we wanted to find something that could express our love of coffee. Hint at the nuanced flavors, dive into the complexities, and shine with the personality of who we are, Amity.

This blend is a mix of our Natural - Honduras, Farm: Finca La Unica, once we tasted this coffee we knew we wanted it to be the base for this blend.

Next we wanted to adventure out into new territory, we found a black honey processed coffee from Costa Rica - Alajuela, Farm: Calle San Juan this process brought a deepness and slight fruit sweetness that we knew would not only compliment the rest but add to its complexities.

Lastly we gravitated to a country that has always been a staple in our offerings, Ethiopia. We tried, more than a few samples and landed on a bright and vibrant washed coffee from Ethiopia - Bonga, Farm: Tega & Tula.

This we knew completed our profile. They all worked together in a harmony that reminded us of ourselves. The three of us always pulling and adding to each other. Deepening our bonds and growing us as individuals. This coffee is a great mirror of ourselves.

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