The Sisters Blend

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Whats Included:
- The Sisters Blend
- Amity Stickers
- Third Wave Water Packet
- Glass Stir Stick

About Blend

When we decided to launch the Brother Blend we knew we couldn’t stop there and a Sister Blend was quickly in the works.

For this coffee drop the Honduras we fell in love with just couldn’t be pulled from the mix. We looked at what faucets of this coffee we could bring out and show, that we haven’t dug into yet.

Like the gem it is we chipped away and within a few weeks we discovered what it was. The caramel sweetness of our Colombia, Huila paired with the banana and strawberry juiciness of the Honduras, Farm: Finca La Unica we the perfect pair.

Something that knocked us back and made us see with renewed appreciation that spending the time to dig into our coffee can really bring forth a gem we would have overlooked otherwise.

The bright and lightness of this coffee now only paired wonderfully within itself but together with the Brother Blend we knew we had the perfect pair.

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